Marilyn Monroe by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1953.

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He was so inspiring, always so patient and kind. He didn’t act as though he were a star at all. We all gave each other suggestions and he was very critical of himself, never satisfied with his work, and worried about how every scene would turn out. He was so great when he played a scene, he had the ability to make everyone else look great too. He used to come on the set and watch the scenes even when he wasn’t in them. He was that interested in the whole picture and not just his own part. - Natalie Wood

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Natalie Wood and Steve Mcqueen, 1963

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Bette Davis hosts The Tailwaggers Party to benefit stray dogs, with guests including Norma Shearer, James Stewart, Miriam Hopkins, Henry Fonda and Mary Pickford. Photos by Rex Hardy, 1938

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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Mischa Pelz, 1953

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Behind the scenes - NW, dust and scratches removed.

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"Oh, it’s much worse than that. I have a mother that taught me fake vocab words to screw me out of the college I wanna go to."

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 It’s a scientific fact.

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The Goldbergs 1x16

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The Goldbergs 1x07 “Call Me When You Get There”

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14/88 Favourite photos of Marilyn Monroe

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Tremors (USA, 1989)

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